Taking Care of the Natural and Cultural Heritage

Remember that UNESCO has declared the following as natural and cultural heritage sites of Colombia and should be respected and preserved. 

  • Music of marimba and traditional songs of the southern pacific coast of Colombia (Narino, Cauca and Valle del Cauca.
  • The cultural of the small area know as “Palenque de San Basilio”, Bolivar.
  • The Carnival of Barranquilla, Atlantico.
  • The Holy Week Procession of Popayan, Cauca.
  • The Carnival of “Blancos y Negros”, Narino.
  • The rigid system of the Wayuus applied by the “putchipu'u (palabrero)”, Guajira.
  • Traditional knowledge of the “Chamanes Jaguares de Yurupari”, Vaupes.
  • Celebration of “San Franciso de Asis”, Quibdo.
  • Historic Center of “Santa Cruz de Mompox”, Bolivar.
  • The cultural heritage of “Cafe de Colombia”, Risaralda, Caldas, Quindio and Valle del Cauca.
  • Archaeological park of “San Agustin”, Huila.
  • National Park of “Tierraadentro”.
  • National Park of “Los Katios”, Choco, Antioquia (en peligro).
  • The Port, Fort and the Monuments of Cartagena, Bolivar.
  •  “Qhapaq Nam Anden Road System”, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru.

We do no approve the illegal commerce of flora and fauna species.  We respect and conserve our biodiversity. We do not approve the commerce of illegal artifacts. We respect and promote the conservation of our culture. Viajes Rabbit will establish norms to prevent the exploitation of pornography and sex trad of children. We approve the law 1329 and 1336 of 2009.