Policy for the handling of crafts

Viajes Rabbit within its activities of promoting the cultural identity of the country undertakes to:

  • Identify and show the heritage value of the craft offered at the main tourist destinations.
  • To promote the knowledge of the national, regional and local artisan expressions so that they are a recognizable element of Colombia  identity.
  • Help strengthening the research of ethnicity and symbolic values that the crafts have for tourism and in the understanding of these factors so that they may be better able to transmit them through their crafts to the tourist, especially in the interpretation of the artisan crafts as part of the Colombia heritage.
  • Promote local crafts, as well as programs of social responsibility 
  • Utilize good practices for promotion and exhibition of artisan products for the tourist 

To achieve theses goals, the agency will only use at its facilities and at its webpage material pertaining to the artisan and cultural wealth of the region, always taking special care not to generating visual pollution.